Hand Drawn Maps

The early mapping campaign in the Expedition Fiord region involved both photogrammetry methods and ground based surveying. Several hand-drawn maps have been stored at the McGill Arctic Research Station over the years and these are currently in the process of being scanned and archived to prevent damage in the future.

The map below covers the Expedition Fiord Region and was likely created during the development of the Thompson Glacier 1:50,000 map (Haumann and Honegger, 1962), which was recently featured in the International Map Year Map of the Month webpage.

Hover the mouse over the image to magnify certain areas, or click on the map to see a full scale version.

Hand drawn map of Expedition Fiord area covering from Erratics Island (left) in the west, to the White and Thompson glacier termini (upper right). Author unknown.


Axel Heiberg Island, NU