Air photo survey setup over Crusoe Glacier, en route to White Glacier, July 2014. Photo: L. Thomson.

In 1960, White Glacier was mapped at a scale of 1:10,000 by Haumann & Honegger (1964) using a combination of air photographs and field measurements. More recently, a new mapping project of White Glacier was conducted by Laura Thomson and Luke Copland at the University of Ottawa in July 2014. From >400 air photos collected over White Glacier a new orthoimage was produced using PhotoScan by Agisoft (TM), a Structure from Motion software package that follows the principles of traditional photogrammetry while employing automated image correlation.

The images below allow us to see how the glacier terminus has changed over the 54 year period from August 2, 1960, to July 10, 2014. Click on the centre button to slide between  the glacier extents of 1960 and 2014.