Fritz Müller surveying on Wolf Mountain (1190 m). Photo: Peter Adams

During the reconaissance year in 1959, Fritz Müller and Peter Adams began the programme of surveying for photogrammetric ground control. These efforts, along with the work of Dieter Haumann and Teodor Blachut, lead to the publication of six large-scale maps of the area that were fundamental to the success of subsequent glaciological and other research programmes in the area. Recently, digital versions of these six maps have been made available through the World Glacier Monitoring Service map database Fluctuation of Glaciers Maps  along with supporting texts describing the cartographic and photogrammetric methods.

Today, we are exploring innovative new ways to create glacier maps using techniques like Structure from Motion. You can find research papers relating to this work under Publications and view our latest map of White Glacier here.

To view how White Glacier terminus has changed over the past 54 years, visit 1960/2014.

We are currently making digital copies of hand-drawn maps found at the McGill Arctic Research Station, more to come soon!