Summer 2015

2015 was a busy summer at the McGill Arctic Research Station with over 15 people passing through camp during the month of July! Thanks to two days of dedicated helicopter time for glacier work, we were able to service all the differential GPS stations and weather stations at White Glacier, as well as establish a network of time-lapse cameras and differential GPS stations on Good Friday Bay Glacier and Iceberg Bay Glacier for the PhD project of Dorota Medrzycka.

Highlights of the work at White Glacier included testing a new Leica TM50 Total Station for the prism surveys, and special thanks go to Abby Dalton and Dorota Medrzycka for helping to carry the Total Station equipment back and forth from our survey site!

Glaciology team members: Laura Thomson, Dorota Medrzycka, Abby Dalton, and Luke Copland.

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Axel Heiberg Island, NU