Summer 2014

Our travels were much smoother in the summer of 2014 than 2013 as we flew into a snow free Expedition Fiord.  The main goal of this summer field season was to conduct an air photo survey over the entire 40 km2 basin of White Glacier to enable the development of a new digital elevation model (DEM) and topographic map. On July 10th we flew a series of linear survey lines over the glacier and collected more than 500 oblique photographs from a Bell 206L helicopter.

In addition, we continued repeat surveys of the prism network at Anniversary Profile for ice velocity analysis, and serviced the three differential GPS and weather stations and at Moraine, Wind, and Anniversary Profiles. One particular highlight of the trip was discovering that one of my time-lapse cameras captured the formation and drainage of a large marginal lake at the ice cave below White Glacier Hill.

Glaciology team members: Laura Thomson, Adrienne White, and Luke Copland with help from Miles Ecclestone and Chris Omelon.

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Axel Heiberg Island, NU