Spring 2015

A few days delay getting into Expedition Fiord due to bad weather in Resolute Bay was a small price to pay for the continuously beautiful dingle days* of weather we enjoyed in the spring 2015 field season. We had a relatively low snow levels after the 2014-2015 winter season, so our mass balance measurements went quickly this year with relatively shallow snow pits to dig! A new snow depth sounder was installed at our uppermost mass balance site to determine surface lowering due to warmer summer temperatures and to detect summer snowfall events.

Maintaining the three differential GPS stations at Moraine, Wind, and Anniversary Profiles, as well as the installation of the prism network and servicing weather stations went well; except for the unfortunate case of finding the Anniversary dGPS station face down on the ice upon our arrival. It was apparent that a strong wind storm, the likely culprit, had passed through the area sometime during the winter season. We also installed a new differential GPS station at the historic Lower Ice Station (200 m a.s.l.) originally established in 1960.

Highlights of the field season included exploring a marginal lake basin near Wind Profile and conducting the first ice radar surveys on Baby Glacier (Hackett, 2015).

Glaciology team members: Miles Ecclestone, Laura Thomson and Mike Hackett.
*For the definition of “dingle day” check this out

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Axel Heiberg Island, NU