Spring 2014

Spring 2014 proved to be a rather chilly and at times blustery field season, but that didn’t stop us from having great days on White Glacier!

Field studies continuing from previous years included (1) annual mass balance measurements, (2) maintenance on the the Moraine, Wind, and Anniversary Profile dGPS and weather stations, (3) installing and surveying the prism network at Anniversary Profile, (4) ice-penetrating radar surveys, and (5) downloading and servicing the time-lapse cameras.

Additionally, we collected a 10 m ice core from the highest mass balance stake at 1480 m a.s.l. as well as a sequence of snow samples at 50 m elevation intervals along the glacier centreline that together are being used in isotope analysis of precipitation sources across the Canadian Queen Elizabeth Islands (e.g. Delaney, 2015) .

Glaciology team members: Miles Ecclestone, Laura Thomson and Luke Copland, with help from Chris Omelon.

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Axel Heiberg Island, NU