Spring 2012

2012 marked the start of new ice velocity measurements at White Glacier with the installation of a permanent differential GPS station at Wind Profile (600 m a.s.l.), a survey location previously established during the PhD studies of Almut Iken (see Iken, 1974). A snow depth sounder and temperature/relative humidity sensors were also installed to monitor snow accumulation and ice melt throughout the year.

Additional measurements included ice penetrating radar surveys (250 MHz and 10 MHz), differential GPS measurements, and the annual mass balance measurements. One highlight was our reconnaissance flight over the Müller Ice Cap to determine the potential for future studies at the historic Upper Ice Camp established in 1960 near White Crown Mountain (2048 m a.s.l.).

Glaciology team members: Miles Ecclestone, Laura Thomson and Luke Copland, with help from Chris Omelon.