Axel Heiberg Island Research Reports

The Jacobsen-McGill Arctic Research Expedition published many reports in the 1960s and 1970s. Selected reports have been scanned and are available here through the Glaciology at Trent University webpage.

Müller, B.S. ed. (1961) Preliminary Report of 1959-1960 [PDF]
*Zip file contains single-chapter PDFs

Fricker (1963) Geology of the Expedition Area [PDF]

Andrews (1964) Meteorology and Heat Balance of the Ablation Area, White Glacier [PDF]

Havens (1964) Meteorology and Heat Balance of the Accumulation Area, McGill Ice Cap [PDF]

Havens et al. (1965) Comparative Meteorological Survey and a Short-term Heat Balance Study of the White Glacier [PDF]

Adams (1966) Ablation and Run-off on the White Glacier [PDF]

Müller and Roskin-Sharlin (1967) A High Arctic Climate Study on Axel Heiberg Island Part I: General Meteorology [PDF]

Müller, F. et al. (1972) International Geographical Union Field Tour Ea2: Arctic Archipelago I, 22nd International Geographical Congress [PDF]

Iken (1974) Velocity Fluctuations of an Arctic Valley Glacier [PDF]





Axel Heiberg Island, NU