Footage from the 1960 McGill Arctic Research Expedition


During the 1960 McGill Arctic Research Expedition, a Canadian film maker by the name of Budge Crawley and his assistant Stanley Breed filmed the field team’s journey to Expedition Fiord and the establishment of the research station. In the film below you will see footage from the McGill University campus in Montreal, the airstrips of Resolute Bay and Eureka (Nunavut), and flights and scientific activities in the Expedition Fiord region of Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut.

Dr. Peter Adams, shown in the opening scene, provided the film from his time on Axel Heiberg Island. Unfortunately there was no audio recording for the first 60% of the film copy, but Dr. Trudy Wohlleben edited the footage and included sound effects where audio was not available.

However, we are on the hunt for the complete version! If you have information that might help us find the audio for the first part of the film, please contact Dr. Laura Thomson: